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She’s right tho. One of your signatures is to lean so hard into concerns about what people 'think' that you change them. It’s your strength. Stay concerned bruv.

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SHE is right. And so are you... you're right on the point I was going to try and make in yesterday's email. It was just getting way too complicated and it felt like it'd confuse the point I was trying to make.

But i'm glad you get it. (of course you do)

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Hey Ryan,

This post is making me think about something I’ve been wrestling with for a while.

A very good friend of mine has gone down the indigenous, spiritual journey, rabbit hole over the last four years.

It started with Plant medicine, journeys, to fire dances all night to vision fast out in the woods for days.

Now I don’t have any problem with any of this stuff. I think it’s great. The problem I have is that my friend is never been more miserable in his entire life.

He went from a joyful, interesting person that was excited for life. Now he’s like a cardboard cut out trying to achieve some fucking Samadhi or some shit.

Our latest conversation he told me he’s just gonna stop working hard and just focus on loving himself.

Again, I think that’s cool, but the problem is this man wants things in reality.

I think that’s the whole problem with spirituality in general is you can go and sit in a cave and you can find contentment in that, but the second you wanna do anything in reality you need to get the fuck out of the spiritual realm and take action.

I had a really cool meditation teacher named Michael Stone and he would always remind me your spiritual practices. Need to make your life and relationships better otherwise what is the fucking point. And I think he was right.

I don’t know how this relates to your situation I figured I’d commandeer your platform to spout this.

Any thoughts ideas feedback you have would be great.

I do want to have a conversation with him and try to reel him back to reality. And I don’t know if he’s also low testosterone and that’s what’s up with his mental health or what.

I’m at a loss but I’d really like to be able to reconnect with him and help him out if he’s willing.

I could probably go off even more on this, so I’m definitely gonna write more about it so I can figure out how to construct this in a way that he is able to receive it .

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Add on: how do you support your friends and homies when they want to make extreme identity changes?

Because it’s a catch 22 being that I still want our values to align but they are drifting apart in this sense.

Also I am assertive personality and so is he so we can be like immovable object and unstoppable force pushing the latest “great ideas” we’ve been exploring for ourselves onto each other.

It’s a serious problem to tackle!

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Oh shit. Lawrence is a dudes name innit? I’ve been in France too long 🤣. Here a dude is Laurent and a dudette is Laurence.

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😂 it is. But this is way better.

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